Huge shouts to the homie Nastee for the timeliness on this one. "Obama Bin Laden" starring Barack Obama & Nastee co-Starring Osama Bin Laden, Dick Cheney, George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Joe Biden, John McCain, Bill Clinton & Rudy Giuliani Special Guests: Noble Drew Ali & Mumia Abu Jamal

Produced, Written, Directed & Performed By Nastee

Nastee puts it down In light of the recent capture and murder of Osama Bin Laden. The song was written almost word for word last spring, recorded in December (2010) and the video has been in production since January (2011). Originally slated for a summer release, 4word decided to drop it now amidst all this "Bin Laden" hoopla. 4word's opinion is that Bin Laden did not and could not have acted alone in the events of September 11. Most likely his accomplices were The Bush & Cheney families since they benefited the most from the attacks. Also, there is no real proof that Osama did it! He has never had a trial. The only proof amerikkkans have is a video tape (dubbed in english) with Osama supposedly taking credit. While I'm sure he was a major part of 911, it's obvious that he didn't pull it off by himself. This song is not about Osama but more of a state of the union address by Nastee, directed in letter form to Barack Obama. The only way to get true change is talk about it and then put it into action.....

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Nastee's solo debut "The Album" available Summer 2011 featuring new music from: Raekwon Termanology & Smif n Wessun