It's here!After 9 months of planning, logistical nightmares and a lot of craft beer, the music video for 'BrewHeads', along with the official collaboration pack, has arrived!

The incredible video for Cee's world first 100% ode to craft beer was directed, shot and edited by 9Block Productions' Shane Russell and collaborator Richard Bastarache in microbreweries, brewpubs, dépanneurs and home brew shops around Montreal.

We ran an advance screening of the video at the gorgeous Terrasse St. Ambroise in Montreal last week, and the response from both the fans and the craft beer community alike has been overwhelming. And if you missed it, we also recently released interviews with Daniel Essiambre of Broue Pub BrouHaha and Taylor McAuslan of St. Ambroise (son of Peter McAuslan, brewery founder).

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With the craft beer explosion happening in every corner of the globe, it was only a matter of time before the revolution gained a soundtrack.

Cee, originally from Melbourne, Australia but now located in Montreal, Canada, created the song 'BrewHeads' (produced by Dr. MaD) after connecting with Phillip Hinson via Instagram. Phil owns BrewHeads, a craft beer merchandise company based out of Phoenix, AZ. The two had a mutual admiration for each others business, so a collaboration was inevitable. The track celebrates all aspects of the world of craft beer unlike any other tune before it - this is most definitely not your typical 'let's get drunk' theme song.

Now although a song and video like this is big enough news in itself, what truly makes this special is that Phil and Cee have created a super limited edition merch collab which is currently still available via the BrewHeads website! The black and gold box set contains a gorgeous BrewHeads Bière Sommelier Glass with 22 carat gold print; a custom 100% made in the USA snapback, complete with hop print under the brim and gold-stitched barley on the flip side; and, of course, a digital download of the track.

<a href="">This Is All I Know by Cee</a>

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We hope y'all enjoy the new music and visuals, folks. Once again, any sharing via social media or any of your channels is extremely appreciated. We're 100% independent with no financial or label support, so we depend on the love of the people to get our music out.

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Thank you to everyone for all the support. It truly means a lot. Bless.

Much love,

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