What it does y'all? In 2012, Cee released his debut solo mixtape series entitled 'The Indie Experiment', where he carefully selected some of his favourite songs from a diverse range of genres - indie rock, alternative, metal, folk, dubstep, rock, electro - and added his raps to the gaps in the tunes, creating a whole new piece of music. The addition of Hip Hop elements truly resonated with a lot of people, and this is why we're here right now.

Due to the fantastic response from Cee's music video for 'Comin' Home', from 'The Indie Experiment Volume 1' project, The Movement Fam decided to completely remix and remaster the entire series and rerelease the three mixtapes with a new, bigger sound, thanks to Notion's amazing engineering work.

The original series was released on April 10th, June 10th and August 10th respectively. May 10th marks 13 months to the day the original volume debuted, and being that 13 is Cee's favourite number, it only made sense to do it today.

'The Indie Experiment: Remixed & Remastered' will be live tonight, Thursday May 9th at midnight Eastern Standard Time in Canada/USA, and 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday May 10th, via Cee's Bandcamp page.

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We hope y'all enjoy the new music, folks. Once again, any sharing via social media or any of your channels is extremely appreciated. We're 100% independent with no financial or label support, so we depend on the love of the people to get our music out.

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Thank you to everyone for all the support. It truly means a lot. Bless.

Much love,

The Movement Fam.