What it does y'all? After a crazy summer of touring, releases and natural disasters - both via Abstract Artform's 'As The Crow Flies Tour' and The Movement Fam's #RoadTrippin' Summer Tour 2013 - we can finally cool out and drop this video on y'all.

The second show of Abstract Artform, Relic and Ambition's tour landed them in Montreal, which happened to be Cee and Notion's tour kick off. And since they were all in town at the same time, it was only right that the boys linked on a cut, so they enlisted Shane Russell of 9Block Productions to get behind the camera and make it all happen.

Produced by Abs himself, 'Perfect Definition' is the culmination of a cross-Canadian Hip Hop movement - Abstract is from Winnipeg, Ambition hails from Halifax, DJ Grouch (who graciously laced the track with his signature cuts) reps Toronto, and Cee is posted up in Montreal. The choppy sample is complemented by tough deliveries, solid bars from all three MCs and Grouch's Primo-style hook puts the nail in the coffin. Hip Hop at its rawest, y'all.

The video was shot on picturesque Rue St. Denis right before the show at Cafe Chaos on June 14th. DJ Grouch didn't make it to the 514 so he wasn't able to be in the video, though you can catch a guest appearance by the homie Relic behind the decks.

You can catch the video in full HD on 9Block's Vimeo page, or roll by Ol' Roy Records' YouTube channel to check it out.

Y'all can also grab the official audio of 'Perfect Definition' on Bandcamp - FREE download, sons!