This project has been more than 18 months in the making, and this is the first taste of it I'm hitting y'all with. I'ma be dropping a song a month til I release the full mixtapes, so welcome... I wrote this cut after a huge argument with a close friend, and it seems that some of the best music comes as a result of some sort of drama. When I first heard Angus & Julia Stone's 'Down The Way' album, this tune came on while I was driving. I literally pulled over and couldn't move for the whole 8 minutes; I had shivers. I knew I had to do something with it.

My project is called 'The Indie Experiment'. Over the last couple of years, I picked up the guitar again (I've been playing on and off since I was 9) and discovered rock/indie/electro/alternative music, and it had a huge affect on me. I decided that I wanted to undertake my first ever solo project by adding my vocals to some of my favourite indie tunes, but instead of chopping the songs up like most rappers tend to do, I left the original song intact and placed my vocals around those of the artist, creating a whole new dichotomy for the song.

It's going to be a three volume mixtape, with 8 songs on each joint, and I plan to release volume one on my 31st birthday, April 10th, with each volume dropping on May 10th and June 10th, respectively. I'm scared shitless to release such personal material, especially for my first solo joint, but fuck it. I really hope y'all dig it.

You can download or stream the song from my Bandcamp page.

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Cee - Yellow Brick Road x Angus & Julia Stone

Cee - Yellow Brick Road x Angus & Julia Stone