Fuck a recession

So, y'all may or may not have noticed a lack of posts this week. My bad. I have become a statistic of the so-called 'Global Financial Crisis'. I was retrenched from my position as Content Editor of a major bank on Monday, after working there for 4 years. But yo, I ain't even mad. They were pretty good about it, they hit me with a decent payout (ching!) which will now open up a few doors which I thought may have been closed in the short term. Plus, since returning from the US/Canada trip, every day working there has been harder as I became more disenfranchised with the 9-5 grind.

Anyway, it seems that many corporations are buying into this 'recession'. Fuck it. It's only in your mind. Which is why I linked the image to David Icke.com. For those who aren't familiar with David's work, check out his website, he's amazing. AND he'll be in Melbourne on Saturday April 11th next year to give one of his 7 hour lectures. Boom.

Also, go check out the online movies 'Zeitgeist' and 'Zeigeist: Addendum' (the sequel) for a serious eye-opener. I already knew most of this information but it made me disgusted to even work for a bank. Get educated, folks.