So being we're a Hip Hop/Soul group, most would assume that's where our taste in music lies. You'd be fairly wrong to say that. Throughout the Fam, our tastes essentially touch damn near every genre of music, bar none. We're an eclectic bunch. :)

So lately, I've sort of unintentionally broadened my musical horizons more than I usually would. I've been reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography (mainly because it was co-written with Neil Strauss, my favourite author right now), and he has inspired me to check out his music. So I copped his whole catalogue and seriously, I'm digging all of it so far. I can't wait to do Manson covers when we set The Movement Fam band up properly.

Marilyn Manson

And at the St Kilda Festival, we caught an acoustic duo who played 'Wonderwall', and even though I was off my face singing along, that stuck in my mind. So I copped Oasis's whole back catalogue too, and goddamn, 'What's The Story, Morning Glory?' is an AMAZING album.


Our drummer, Fading Hour's Chris Ferre, got me onto Tool (no homo), which I'm checking out as we speak. Can't wait.


So if anyone has any suggestions in the rock/hard rock/metal/alternative category that you suggest I should check out, throw us a comment. I always assumed this stuff was really soul-less and just screaming bullshit, but I was wrong. I've always dug Nirvana and Metallica since I played guitar as a kid, but I never really followed it up. Seems I'm discovering my inner white boy. :)