The Movement Fam

Alright, folks. Have we got a big day this Saturday. And the fact that it's Valentine's Day is just a bonus.

For all the Melbourne heads, we have a gig on Saturday, once again at the Blue Tile Lounge in Fitzroy (95 Smith St). We're on at 9pm and will be featuring Chris Ferre, drummer from Fading Hour (who is also a member of The Movement Fam band - coming soon).

We'll be playing love-themed tunes from all four Movement Fam releases, as well as two new tracks from The Soul Movement Volume 3, and Bekah will even belt out a couple surprise covers that y'all should dig. So come on down, bring your date, check out the early set then go home to do what you do. :)

Also, check in on Friday night at 10pm, when we'll post DJ Grain and Notion's Valentine's Day mixtape. It'll also be available via and Wake Your Daughter Up!. I won't say too much more about it, except that it's the perfect soundtrack to your day/evening.