Y'all should know by now that Mr. Mayer is possibly one of my favourite artists of all time. Yeah, the dude needs to shut his mouth from time to time, but on a musical level, his brand of acoustic pop/rock is fucking flawless. Managed to catch the dude live on his recent Australian tour and he was even better than the last time I saw him.

Anyway, I'll just get off his dick for second to tell y'all about the new video for his third single off 'Battle Studies', 'Half Of My Heart'. This joint features Miss Taylor Swift on two lines just shy of the 3 minute mark, not earning even earning her a visit to the video set. And rightfully so, silly broad she is. Cool video, not my fave song off the album ('Assassin' and 'Perfectly Lonely' are goddamn masterpieces), but should bode well. Carry on.