Aaaaaand we're back once again with another model feature - the Aussie's have been reppin' lately! This week, we have the pleasure of introducing a stunning local gal by the name of Carla'Alana Balasso. I stumbled across Carla on Facebook recently, loved what I saw and here she is. Carla is a model about her business, too - and this is what we celebrate here at The Movement Fam: Entrepreneurial, independent young women. Check out the pics and interview!

Where are you from?
Carla: Melbourne, Victoria.

Cee: How many years have you been modelling?
Carla: Two years.

Carla'Alana Balasso

Cee: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?
Carla: That they all don't eat and that they look perfect all the time.

Cee: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?
Carla:, also little things here and there.

Carla'Alana Balasso

Cee: What photographers have you worked with?
Carla: Charles Bamford and Bobbi Zandi.

Cee: What photographers would you like to work with?
Carla: George Favios, Nigel Barker and plenty more...

Carla'Alana Balasso

Cee: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?
Carla: It's not easy, and harder than some people think.

Cee: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modelling industry?
Carla: You have to love who you are and be comfortable and confident to be successful in this industry. It comes with a lot of perks but also a lot of pressure.

Carla'Alana Balasso

Cee: What's your plans from here?
Carla: I honestly don't know. I'm just sort of going with the flow and see where it takes me.

Cee: Hit us with your contact details for folks who want to see more!

Carla'Alana Balasso