Originating from the beautiful reggae island of Jamaica, Sashia has relocated and now resides in the UK. The recent years have seen her growth and maturity in the modeling industry with her recent signing to Femelle, one of the UK's leading Urban Model Agencies. With her portfolio boasting an ever expanding array of shoots and assignments with video features including Tinchy Stryder's 'Rollin' and Millionaire Boyz’ 'She's a Hustler', Sashia is heading for nothing but success. An independent, reliable, focused yet easy-going individual Sashia goes for what she wants. With her Barbie-Doll figure, sensual looks and bubbly personality Sashia brings glamour, professionalism, and diversity to every assignment.

DJ Grain: What’s your name?
Sashia: Sashia Summmers.

DJ Grain: Where are you from?
Sashia: Montego Bay, Jamaica but I reside in London, UK.

DJ Grain: How many years have you been modeling?
Sashia: Years (LOL). A relatively short period.

DJ Grain:What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?
Sashia:That we’re all airheads or shallow, and rely purely on our looks, we’re all the same in real life as we are on print or in videos (they don't understand that in front of the camera we’re in character mode), and that we are all available.

DJ Grain: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?
Sashia: Tinchy Stryder's 'Rollin' and Millionaire Boyz’ 'She's a Hustler'.

DJ Grain: What photographers have you worked with?
Sashia: Kosher of Femelle Studios, Vic Morley, Daniel Rachev of Juice Magazine UK and Sean Hickey.

DJ Grain: What photographers would you like to work with?
Sashia: David LaChapelle, Matthew Jordan Smith, Frizzy Q, Maya Guez, Marques Klinko... the list is endless.

DJ Grain: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?
Sashia: HARD, NON-STOP HUSTLE. Continuous networking and trying to connect with the right people in the right places. Swimming through the smoke-screens and mirror operations of all these fraudulent so-called agents, managers and artists that want to feature but for no pay. It’s important to build your brand and let people know that you’re out there, so initially you have to do a lot of free jobs to build a profile and then you must start to withdraw and only work on select high profile projects. At the same time you’ve still got to continue to direct traffic to your own website. That’s the hustle.

DJ Grain: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?
Sashia: Yeah, sure. I’m always happy to offer help or advice. Stay focused, be original and have a clear understanding and knowledge of what kind of modeling it is you want to get involved in. It’s very easy to get exploited in this industry and get side-tracked from your original goal. Do your research and get an insight on what other models have to share. Also I think its very important to invest in yourself in all areas of self nails, hair, skin, physique and attire. You need to be on point in these areas so take time on your appearance and how you conduct yourself. Some of these things may cost money but remember you have to spend money to make money.

DJ Grain: How can people contact you for booking?
Sashia: Hit me on my emails: sashi2nice@hotmail.com and kosher@femelle.co.uk. WEBSITE COMING SOON

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