So on March 15th, 2011, myself (Cee), Notion and Bekah (as The Movement Fam at the time) filmed our first music video for the tune 'Ain't No Mountain', from Cee & Bekah's 'The Soul Movement Originals' album. After constant setbacks and delays, last year I managed to retrieve the footage from the cameraman, and this year I finally found an editor to put it all together for us. And even though this tune is from an older project and the video was delayed, the message and the song itself hasn't dated a bit. We feel it's only right that on the two year anniversary of shooting the video, we release it for y'all.

All in all, this came out much better than we expected. We have give a huge shout out to editor Andrew Howarth for dedicating his time and energy into putting this video (along with a bunch of future ones) together for us to the best of his ability, given what he had to work with. It's truly appreciated, and we hope that y'all dig it too.

The video will be live on Thursday March 14th at midnight Eastern Standard Time in Canada/USA, and 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday March 15th, on both our YouTube and Vimeo channels. Our YouTube channel has all our other videos and pretty much every song we've ever released on there so feel free to check that out, while you can watch 'Ain't No Mountain' in super HD on our Vimeo channel.

Watch 'Ain't No Mountain' on YouTube.

The Movement Fam - Ain't No Mountain (Official Video) from The Movement Fam on Vimeo.

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We hope y'all enjoy the video, folks. Once again, any sharing via social media or any of your channels is extremely appreciated. We're 100% independent with no financial or label support, so we depend on the love of the people to get our music out.

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Thank you to everyone for all the support. It truly means a lot. Bless.

Much love,

The Movement Fam.