On the real, I've been to like 5 shows in the last couple weeks, with two more next week, and it just doesn't get old.

I was lucky enough to score free tickets to the 30 Seconds To Mars show on Wednesday, which was brilliant, and last night I also landed freebies to see Mr Richard Ashcroft and his new band, United Nations of Sound, live at Palace in Melbourne.

I've only been a Verve fan for the past couple years (serious #latepass, I know), but in that short time, 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Sonnet' became two of my favourite songs of all time. His new project, entirely produced by No ID, is brilliant, and it translated amazingly well live. Even though dude looks like a heroin addict, he put on a brilliant show, and the band were tight as hell.

Dude even managed to bang out some old Verve classics, knocking out 'Bittersweet Symphony' with the band about mid-way through (a song he rarely plays), and acoustic versions of 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Sonnet' during the encore. Goosebumps, yo.

The above track is one of my faves off the new album too.